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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  November 23, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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your flight is on time. we may see delays for the rest of the evening up there toward new england and back to the northwest. portland, seattle, all seeing rain. some delays, but not too bad right now. the middle part of the country toward denver, chicago, dallas, all clear right now. looking very nice. once again, the east coast is seeing the problems. snow up toward the northeast toward portions of maine. rain around new york and boston. both of those cities seeing delays. new york and boston seeing medium impact delays. reagan national is seeing delays. dulles is a okay. as far as what's going on around the area, 50 degrees. that's the current temperature. 51. look at the winds. gusting upwards of 32 miles an hour right now. a chilly evening. i tell you what, it's going to get cooler before it gets
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better. i'll tell you when in the forecast. from the air to the roads and rails. all day, people have been making a mad dash to get to their thanksgiving destination. tonight, we have team coverage of the local travel conditions. jane watrel is live at reagan national airport. jane? >> reporter: hi, doreen. officials say no extra flights were added today because of this thanksgiving eve. they say the flights coming in have been jam packed. while doug talked about weather events around the country, there's been no major impact here. >> there's a lot of turbulence, actually. >> reporter: tense moments as air travelers take to the skies on one of the busiest travel days of the year. so far, no major delays. >> i got through security in ten minutes. wasn't bad at all. >> reporter: the lines may be long, but so is the patience of
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many here. they say it's worth the wait. this flyer surprised she arrived on schedule. >> especially coming from west virginia. we had bad weather, fog and we were still able to get out on time. >> reporter: nationally, the average round trip air fare is up 20% from last year. rail tickets on one way amtrak tickets risen 5%. a slight increase that didn't deter passengers. >> i got business class so i pay the extra $50 to get on a train. >> i take the bus, then get on the metro and here. it wasn't too bad. >> reporter: rail and bus passengers saw heightened security at union station. >> we are going move approximately 134,000 people today. on a typical wednesday, we move 77,000 people. if there is a super bowl for railroading today, this is it for amtrak. >> 60,000 passengers will fly
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through dulles airport today. >> all the lots are available and will be through the holiday weekend. >> reporter: back at reagan, the economy lots are expected to fill up fast. so far, so good. and the passenger numbers break down this way. 60,000 passengers expected to pass through reagan airport today, 60,000 at dulles. reporting live at reagan national, i'm jane watrel. back to you. >> thank you. the majority of travels will be driving to their thanksgiving destination this year. that's despite considerably higher gas prices. derrick ward continues the coverage in springfield. >> jim, if you take a look over my right shoulder, this is
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southbound 395. through here it is not bad. to the south, a different story. the dash to get away for the thanksgiving holiday is well under way. this may look like a lot of vehicles, but it's a tiny fraction of the hundreds of thousands of people who will travel 50 miles or more this year. >> looking at over 900,000 people from washington hitting the roads. most of them have hopefully already started on their journeys. >> reporter: by midday, it was relatively empty. these southbound drivers found out. >> we have been on the road for an hour in what should have taken a half hour. >> reporter: sitting in traffic over the holiday was too much. why not pass the pain to out of town relatives. >> we are staying home. everybody is coming to us. i'm staying there. just got off work. i'm going to go home and enjoy
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four days off. >> reporter: most people think gas prices are improved enough to satisfy their traveling jones at this northern virginia station. a good deal on the price per gallon. >> today it's a good day. the economy has a lot to do with whatever we are doing anymore, just trying to survive. >> reporter: aaa says the gas price picture is not bad relatively speaking. >> they are up 50 cents over last year but down from memorial day. >> reporter: not too bad close in. we want to show you chopper 4 video. a different story as you get south of here. that's usually the case. of course, this is a lighter than usual volume of traffic closer in. i think a lot of people actually started their trips earlier. they are closer to grandma's house right now. live in springfield, back to you. >> derrick ward, thanks.
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for up to the minute information on the road and at the airport, we invite you to our website, you can track the wet weather along the east coast with our interactive radar. type in the word weather in the keyword search. police are looking for at least two men who carjacked a woman's suv with her 13-month-old child inside. this video shows the little girl reunited with her mother. it started at the exxon station in the 5500 block of south dakota avenue in northeast d.c. the woman got out of her suv to pump gas when another man jumped in and took off. it was found abandoned at 4th and kennedy streets. the baby was still inside. she was fine. the woman left her car running when she got out. >> obviously, you have to take care of your vehicle. don't leave the vehicle running. i'm sure the mother wasn't
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anticipate thag happening. take extra precautions to never leave the vehicle running. >> police are looking for a teal colored infinity driven by another man. the suspect got into the vehicle after abandoning the porsche. the mother and her baby were okay. the police released new surveillance video of a woman they want in a series of crimes across northern virginia. her name is stephanie lynne. she's 26 years old. she lives in manassas. they say she robbed a bb & t bank in springfield yesterday. she's a suspect in a carjacking at tyson's galleria over the weekend and another bank robbing last friday. we spoke with her mother. >> i love you. please turn yourself in. no matter what happens, i'll stand by your side. please, think about the kids and
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me and yourself. >> she is said to be driving a stolen 2003 acura with virginia tags. no major stumbles in last night's presidential debate. there was a moment that has every political analyst talking. newt gingrich took a stand suggesting a humane approach to enforcing immigration. >> reporter: at the latest gop presidential debate, newt gingrich gambled his front-runner status about illegal immigration. >> the party that says it's the party of the family is going to adopt an immigration policy that destroys families that have been here a quarter of a century. let's be humane in enforcing the law. >> reporter: a day later, mitt romney was pushing that. >> people that come here illegally should not have a
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special break. >> reporter: he's doubling down in iowa. struggling with conservatives, but looking ahead. >> how we will beat president obama is by speaking day in and day out about the one topic he does not want to talk about. that is the economy. >> reporter: far from the campaign front, president obama was enjoying the least political part of his job. >> you are pardoned. >> reporter: two months from now, iowa, new hampshire and south carolina will be settled and the gop clarified. for now -- >> conservatives are looking for a moment. at the moment they like newt gingrich. it's hard to tell if he has staying power. this nomination is up for grabs. >> reporter: the latest poll shows president obama ahead of the leading candidates, but not by much. brian mooar, news 4. stocks ended on a dismal note for the end of this shortened trading week.
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the dow dropped 236 points. nasdaq fell 61 points. s&p 500 was down 26 points. next up on news 4 at 6:00, a pilot walked away. how it all unfolded. a school bus with athleted from maryland crashed into the woods. a drunk driver is to blame. the high cost of security. the cost of the price of the occupy d.c. movement. mayor gray talking about the push to bring the skins training facility back to the district. maryland's new basketball coach looking for a much better effort from his guys. oversleeping proves to be costly for a capital. a patient redskins rookie lands on the roste
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a pilot survived a dramatic helicopter crash this morning in new zealand. it was installing a christmas tree when the blades got caught in cables. look at that. the tail of the helicopter snapped. the pilot was tossed around. nobody on the ground was injured. the pilot walked away with only minor injuries. police in cairo has been clashing with protesters for a fifth straight day. here is a live look at the
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square. this comes as the military announces plans to move up the presidential elections. it's not enough for demonstrator who is want an immediate transition. we have the report. >> reporter: reminiscent scenes from the 18-day revolution returned here in cairo. the clashes today, a little less intense than we have seen over the past few days. no doubt, still as deadly. >> we hope the violence comes to an end and quickly. the young people in the square have the right to express their views freely and to protest and sit in. >> reporter: we understand police and protesters have been clashing throughout the course of the day. the military intervened to try to calm the situation down as well. it does not seem to have appeased the protesters.
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they are trying to outline a rapid and clear transition process. the military made concessions. the interim government resigned. the head of the armed forces says there will be a presidential election held prior to june of 2012. that does not seem to have appeased the protesters so far. the georgetown university student arrested during the protest this week is still in custody in egypt. this morning, he was allowed to call home. he's 19 years old. he told his father he's being treated well under the circumstances and has not been harmed. he's one of three american students taken into custody on monday night accused of throwing fire bombs at the police. sweeney is the one on the far right in the video. he watched the demonstration but
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didn't toss anything. doug has a check on the weather forecast. first, nasty travel weather now the wind is kicking up. >> the wind is kicking up big time. we have seen 30 to 40 and 50 miles an hour winds during the day today. for the record, high temperatures, nice and warm. we were talking how warm it would be when you woke up. temperature this morning, 64 degrees around 10:00. this number continued to go down. we are sitting at 50 degrees. that's the current low temperature. just under an inch of rain. i'm thinking we are looking at the best thanksgiving in years. not too many years. 2007 a record high of 77. four years. that's not too bad. the day today, 51 degrees currently with the winds out of the north at 22 miles an hour. the winds are really bringing in cooler air as we make our way across the area. 46 in gaithersburg and frederick. 45 in hagers tourn. 52 in culpeper.
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waldo waldorf, 49 degrees. look at the current wind gusts. 32 at the airport. 29 in culpeper. 35 in martinsburg. you have seen the winds close to 50 in martinsburg earlier today. the good news, the winds will subside a little bit. we are still talking 15 to 25-mile-an-hour wind gusts instead of 25 to 35-mile-an-hour winds. they are going to create windchills tonight. we are seeing windchills in the upper 30s tonight. watch out for that. still shower activity to talk about. right along route 2, down toward honeytown seeing showers. northern st. mary's county seeing the showers there, too. we'll continue to watch as they make their way off to the chesapeake bay and eventually toward the eastern shore. they are crossing the chesapeake
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bay bridge now but they didn't have to pay the toll. as far as the storm is concerned, it's moving off the coast. snow showers through portions of maine. we are going to see things getting better. if you have a flight tomorrow from washington to new york or boston, we should be better off. right now, some delays at all three airports. by tomorrow, we should be able to calm things down at least a little bit as the storm system moves off. behind it, chilly and windy air overnight tonight. the breeze is going to stay up tonight into the day tomorrow. but the wind will shift as far as the direction goes. we are going to get nice and mild tomorrow with plenty of sunshine. thanksgiving is really looking gorgeous out there. plenty of sun tomorrow and friday. friday not just mild but warm as the average high temperature this time of year is around the 54 to 55 degrees mark. friday could be ten degrees
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above average. that goes for saturday and sunday, too. not too bad out there. windy and cooler with showers moving off to the east. windchills upper 30s to lower 40s. know that as you step out this evening. it's going to be on the cold side. breezy and cool. sunrise tomorrow around 7:00. it will rise after 7:00 for the rest of the year. 33 to 39 degrees for a high or temperatures tomorrow morning. once again, windchills between 25 and 32 degrees depending on where you are. warming up nicely. sunny and nice with a great afternoon. 53 to 58 degrees. we're going to be talking about great days over the next couple days, too. look at friday, 64. 65 saturday. 65 on sunday before our next storm comes in. that could give us rain late in the day sunday and into monday and tuesday, too. that will bring in cooler air toward the end of the week. you have no excuse not to get out and put up the holiday lights. a lot of people do it.
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the weather is looking good. if you would like me to come out and take a look at the lights, send me an e-mail. take a picture of the lights so we know what we are doing. we can't wait for it to come up next thursday. >> it comes up fast, doesn't it? >> it does. >> it looks good for everybody who waited until tomorrow to travel. >> tomorrow is going to be beautiful all across the country. >> good news. >> are you putting up your own lights? >> well -- >> this weekend. you just said there's no excuse. >> moving right along. more speed in the city. he's been under fire for pepper spraying protesters in california. new information about the campus police officers past. this black friday, most big stores are opening at midnight. tlr going to be a lot of people out there. they are trying to avoid the
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there are new speed cameras now at nine different locations in the district. nine new locations. american automobile association designated washington as a strict enforcement area warning people about that. aaa says adding the new locations is proof that the city is out to make more money. police chief finds that
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criticism astounding, in her words considering the improved safety and declining number of deaths since the cameras have been installed. a list of the sights is on our website, the day after thanksgiving is always one of the biggest shopping days of the year. if you want to avoid the crowds, tracee wilkins has different options for you. >> reporter: if you are not among the few who have already started camping out for black friday, you are most likely among the 152 million americans expects to participate. plan and think smart. >> we have great options where you can go shopping with the best retailers across the country and do it all in your fuzzy bunny slippers. >> reporter: living social is gearing up for black friday and cyber monday deals. for instance -- >> retailers like verizon wireless, for $25 you are going to get $50 to spend.
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if someone has an ipad 2 on your list, you can get a great deal on it. >> reporter: this front load lg washer for 550 dollars. if you have to join the crowds, ellen davis with the retail federation says shopping crowds may be popping up in new places this year. >> this holiday season, people are bringing back discretionary gifts. jewelry purchases are going to be up. toys, sporting goods, home decor and home furnishings. >> reporter: gift cards are at the top of their list. so is clothing, not necessarily for gift giving. >> we are expecting to see a lot of clothing purchases because the prices are supposed to be good. >> reporter: the big crowds will be at the big box stores. this year's big sale items will be -- >> mobile devices. that's the hot thing. the mobile my fi. the -- any tablet.
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>> reporter: on black friday, best buy is offering amazing deals like a 42 inch lcd tv for $200. a $99 wii. there are going to be changes in your black friday schedule this year. a lot of stores aren't opening at 5:00 and 6:00 a.m. they are actually opening at midnight. best buy is one of them. i'm tracee wilkins in northwest. news 4. >> if you need a day or two to recooperate from thanksgiving, there's always cyber monday. according to a research firm, this cyber monday is expected to generate $1.2 billion in sales. coming up tonight, why the day before thanksgiving is considered one of the deadliest for teenagers and young adults. are the redskins on the move? the latest on a plan to bring the team back to the district. an outrage over a vodka
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company's marketing campaign. why a billboard is creating so much controversy. coming up in sports, we are live at verizon center where the capitals are trying to cool off the jets. take on
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they tell us 42 million people are hitting the roads, rails and the air this holiday weekend. today, one of the busiest travel days of the year. the weather is making the trip more stressful. flood warnings for parts of the east coast. parts of northern new england and new york are seeing snow. more than 100 flights have been canceled throughout the country. the father of a georgetown university student said his son called home saying he's being treated well under the circumstances. he was among three american students arrested monday during government protests in cairo. police have been clashing for protesters for five days now and at least 30 people have been killed. police are looking for two men who carjacked a woman's suv with a 13-month-old child inside. this video shows the little girl
6:31 pm
being reunited with her mother. the car was stolen from an exxon after the woman got out to pump gas. the suspects abandoned the car with the child still inside on kennedy street, just a few blocks away. the child was not injured. police are looking for an infinity suv that was used as a get away car. most people have heard of black friday, the day after tomorrow. tonight is known as black wednesday. >> thanksgiving-eve is one of the most dangerous nights of the year when it comes to underage drinking. erica gonzalez reports that police are taking steps to try to keep everybody safe. >> reporter: it's quite possibly the most dangerous trade up, bargains for beer and lots of it. you won't find long lines outside big box stores. what you get is the number one day for college drinking.
6:32 pm
>> high school kids feel entitled to celebrate. that mix increases the amount of alcohol on the roads. >> reporter: it was pegged black wednesday because teens drink until they black out. if they are minors, where are they getting the booze from? older brothers and sisters rank high on the list. there's also the parents. >> parents are likely to host parties involving youth because of the poor belief they can control the situation if they have having their kids drinking at home, it's safer. it's absolutely not the case. >> reporter: more than one in four u.s. teens admits to binge drinking. for girls, four drinks or more. for guys, five or more. these recent high school graduates. does it mat if you are 21 or not? >> i think it depends on who you are. a person like me, when i drink, i make everybody laugh and
6:33 pm
happy. i don't want to go out and make trouble. >> depends on the alcohol. some people don't know how to control their alcohol. you can drink, but to a certain sense. >> reporter: that kind of attitude won't be tolerated, not tonight. the montgomery county police along with other nearby police departments are working together. they set up nearby check points along the highways to ensure that underage drunk drivers stay off the roads and try to put an end to this black wednesday. in rockville, erica gonzalez, news 4. the driver of a pick-up truck was arrested and charged with a dui for causing three-vehicle crash that injured 20 people last night. one of the vehicles was a school bus. it happened about 9:30 last night. the bus was transporting the great mills high school girls basketball team bringing them back from the game. it was hit by a pick-up truck
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and a car. all 16 students and four adults were taken to the hospital. all of them treated and released. nobody was seriously hurt. the occupy movement has been going on for two months now. the protests in d.c. cost the city $1 million in police and public works expenses. mayor gray says he sees no end to the demonstrations in sight. he said the city may ask the federal government to reimburse them for expenses. the district has taken a less confrontational approach to the protesters compared with other cities. mayor gray says people are free to demonstrate peacefully, but they will not tolerate violence or unlawful behavior. new information about the pepper spray incident at the university of california davis last friday. one of the policemen is a
6:35 pm
retired marine corps sergeant. his name is lieutenant john pike. he's been honored twice for service at uc davis. he was named in a discrimination lawsuit a former police officer filed against the university. he used an anti-gay slur. the suit ended up in a $240,000 settlement. recently, we told you about secret plans by the district to lure the washington redskins operations back into the city. today, mayor vincent gray spoke openly about the effort on the radio. tom sherwood has details. >> reporter: rfk, once the home of glory for the washington redskins was built in 1961 but abandoned by football in 1997 with only faded remnants of the team and the lonely monument the team founder george preston marshall still standing. >> we believe that the
6:36 pm
washington redskins ought to be -- have a presence in washington. >> reporter: on wtob ask the mayor, he spoke openly about a trip to view training facilities in tampa bay and the effort to lure the team back to the new facilities the team would build on the rfk stadium grounds. how realistic is it? >> we hope it's realistic. we think it's an opportunity to bring washington's football team back into washington. >> reporter: the mayor and councilmember jack evans say it could revive the area around the old hospital. there's no blank check for the skins. >> frankly, i think it could be an economic development as well. at the end of the day, it has to be a partnership between the team and the city. we don't have the ability to do that. >> reporter: nearby residents like the idea. >> as a redskins ticketholder,
6:37 pm
i'm a big fan. bad seasons, you know, i would like to see them do better. it would be nicer to replace the d.c. general hospital. >> reporter: maybe a change of scenery would help the team with their losing record. do you think they ought to build a training facility here? >> they need to train somewhere. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news 4, washington. >> the mayor says he hasn't talked directly to the team owner but discussed the idea with team officials. >> truth on that. coming up, a picture that might make you cringe. a video went viral. real or hoax.
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welcome back, everybody. i'm meteorologist, doug kammerer. here in storm center 4, a storm is making its way across the east. delays toward washington and new york and boston seeing delays. the other side of the coast, out there toward the left coast, the west, seattle seeing some rain around their area. actually under a flood watch right now. the current temperature at 43 degrees. it looks like things are doing
6:41 pm
fine there. san francisco, the golden gate bridge, take a look at this shot. not too bad. traffic, i think it's always backed up there. it's like the woodrow wilson bridge in our area. that one is more scenic. they are expecting rain. current temperature there, 59 degrees. the coastlines are the only problem areas now. other than that, we are looking good across the country for thanksgiving. winds gusting to 32 miles an hour now. we have a wind advisory in effect to the west of washington until 10:00. showers along the coast toward the delmarva, new jersey and new york. you may want to give a call ahead to make sure your flight is on time. i'll have the extended forecast one more time coming up later. >> thanks, doug. an ad for vodka shows two dogs in hats.
6:42 pm
the ad read christmas quality hanukkah pricing. jewish groups were among those outraged. a spokesman said they took lines from others like hampton's quality, newark pricing. critics say the religious comparison makes it different. the billboard has been taken down. a construction worker in texas survived a nasty accident. he was accidentally shot in the head with a high-powered staple gun. he was at work building mobile homes when a staple pierced his head. he said he was showing a co-worker how to use the gun when he stood up, he accidentally hit the safety trigger with his head and a staple shot into his skull. he could have suffered hemorrhaging or even death.
6:43 pm
it's amazing he doesn't have brain damage. >> the staple is thin and dissects the brain as it goes through. the brain is a connection of little wires that come together. this is thin enough to make its way between the wires. >> i'm still alive to spend another day with my family. >> he's feeling like he did before the accident and hopes to return to work in a few weeks. >> that doesn't explain anything about difficulties from time-to-time. staple guns -- >> not that i know of. >> what did he do to deserve that? >> nothing. i mean, come on. >> we're glad he is okay. >> we are. the redskins getting a chance. la jollas say aloha to
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6:46 pm
caps. >> what? what did i do now? >> i have to tell you something. we have been talking about a supermodel that was in a spinning class that both of these people with in today. neither one knew the other was in the class, but they both knew a supermodel was in the class. i'm going to apologize but dan is still stunned. >> totally disregarding her privacy. >> i know. it's funny. >> she's a hometown girl. she was working out in the same
6:47 pm
gym with dan and me today. we were working out together and never noticed each other. >> anyway -- >> we are talking capitals. let's focus here. right here. guys you are with me. the four-game losing streak. tonight, hoping to win back-to-back games for the first time in three weeks. there seems to be a lot of drama going on lately. amber, who is getting benched tonight? >> reporter: i tell you, another day another benching. that's for sure. don't expect to see joel ward on the ice. he's a healthy scratch. i's because he missed a team meeting. they took notice. he said hey, i slept in. this goes in line with the accountability theme he's enforcing. ward will have to spend the game watching it from the press box
6:48 pm
as a result. this is two days after alexander similar simmon was benched. you are going to be accountable. i had a chance to catch up with dennis and i asked him how players are reacting to this new accountability. >> to be good, you have to be accountable from the coaches end and the players ourselves. if we want to win it, we want to go deep and finish high in the middle of the season and deep into the playoffs, we have to be accountable. >> snap the four-game losing streak. it's a win. what can you do to get out of that? >> i thought we played a lot better defensively and we played more as a team. if we get better, hopefully, we
6:49 pm
can put it back together. >> the place where you are 7-1-1. a place that's difficult for teams to come in and get points? >> i think so. playing against the caps it was always really, really hard playing here with the crowd. we always seem to play well here. we want to keep that going and try to get our road game better, too. >> reporter: that's right. the capitals 7-1-1 here at the verizon center this year. this good news, the caps trying to get an offensive boost. they are looking for it from alexander simmon. he took the benching well. he went to an optional practice yesterday. he has a good attitude. we can look for him to score against winnipeg last thursday. also he has good numbers against the jets who used to be the thrashers franchise in 32
6:50 pm
appearances against that team. he has 18 goals. he could have a good game tonight. >> he's back. the only real drama, if you could call it that is ward oversleeping and being a healthy scratch. that's it. >> reporter: that's it as far as we know. talk to me tomorrow and see who oversleeps. it could get interesting. >> amber down at verizon center. thank you. candid as they come after returning from a trip to puerto rico where they beat colorado and were crushed by alabama. he is on megatilt. with seven healthy scholarship players things are going to be tough. he had strong and not so flattering words for his team this afternoon. >> very immature, very young, very inexperienced. i don't think we know what it takes. my question is, are we willing
6:51 pm
to work to know what it takes to win? are we going to toughen up? we'll see. if we don't, it's going to be a long four months. we'll see. they know that. they have heard it. hopefully being embarrassed a couple times will change the way they approach things. we look like we weren't even coached at times down there. i don't know if i have ever coached a team that didn't look coached. we didn't look coached at all. i'm not doing my job. they are not making my job easy, but i'll get to them, eventually. >> all right. maui invitational with the fifth place game. look how beautiful. georgetown taking on memphis. jason clark doesn't get the ball on the left wing. he curls to the other side and hits the three ball. plays up by six.
6:52 pm
georgetown freshman coming up. he's running with thompson and gives it back to the freshman for the dunk. georgetown is down by three, 78-75 with two minutes to go. that's a huge upset if they can pull that off. good news on the redskins front. a full practice today. unless there's a setback, he's expected to play in seattle on sunday. it's santana's first game since breaking his hand against the panthers. another guy is even roster. he's had success in the preseason. he came in as the leading rusher in penn state history. he's a hometown kid who plays high school ball at westfield and anxiously awaits his first real nfl game. what i was trying to say was success during the preseason. during the regular season he
6:53 pm
hasn't played
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before you fly, you have to fill them up. the macy's thanksgiving day balloons are being inflated tonight in the streets of manhattan ahead of tomorrow's parade. we have a look at the annual tradition. >> reporter: here on the west side, a thanksgiving tradition.
6:56 pm
the balloon inflation night where all the hard work goes into inflating the giant balloons you see behind me. right behind me, one of the newest redesigns. this is sonic hedgehog coming back after being away for a short time. this is a new york tradition, hundreds of new yorkers and visitors lining this route where the balloon inflation is taking place, just to get a peak on the ground of what they will see take to the skies. some of the giant 15 balloons, some of them familiar coming back. paul frank's julius will take to the skies making his debut. that funny, popular little monkey. in addition to the balloons, 44 novelty ornament alba loons and 27 floats, 1600 performers, cheerleaders, clowns and nearly a dozen bands representing high
6:57 pm
schools and universities from around the country. back here, certainly a big night here. one of the concerns is the wind gusts that could take place later on tonight. they are battening down the hatches to make sure the balloons are in place. back to you. >> call and tell me what a ballo balloonicle is. you can watch the parade tomorrow morning starting at 9:00, following the today show. think you heard a nightmare travel story? wait until you hear of a man that stood on a flight from alaska to philadelphia. a grocery chain scrambling to find eggs after the vendor mistreated chickens. find out the deals apple may be offering on black friday. doug is looking up balloonicles. >> the true origins of american
6:58 pm
words and expressions those from new york city. >> okay. >> i don't get it. >> i still don't know. >> ten seconds for weather. 57 tomorrow. 64 on friday. 65 on saturday. sunday look for a chance of rain late in the day. still, nice and warm. fantastic days up there. the wind could be a problem early tomorrow morning. they can't fly those in more than 15 to 20-mile-an-hour winds. >> vince and mary are defending themselves today. they are the parents from michigan who posted a youtube video of their living room and their sons covered with flour. they say the kids got into a cabinet she forgot to lock when she raced to the bathroom. this morning on the "today" show, matt lauer pressed the parents with the questions many were asking.
6:59 pm
>> the kids dumped it in one spot. look how evenly dispursed it is and how high it is on the pictures and lamp shade. they say there's no way they could have done it. this is an attempt at youtube fame. >> we challenge them to give their 3-year-old and 1-year-old a bag of fly and try it. >> they are probably people who never had a little kid in their life. it is amazing what they can do and the heights they can reach and also the depths. ask any parent. >> which parent has the energy to clean that up? >> it took seven hours. on the broadcast tonight, the rush is on. tonight the thanksgiving travel crunch. 42 million people on the move, and for some of them stormy weather could make the going slow. chaos in cairo. tens of thousands stay in the streets despite concessions from the military.


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